Wedding Day Beauty Tips from a luxury Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

I am very happy and excited to introduce you Sanni Sorma, a highly sought-after luxury Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist. She is based in London and Paris and works all across Europe. Sanni has extensive experience working with a discerning clientele across various age groups and skin tones, and I asked her to share her personal wedding day beauty tips and advice.

Sanni Sorma
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist


How long before the wedding should I have the hair and makeup trial?

It depends on how far you are in the overall planning. I would say 2-4 months ahead of time is standard, but I have had brides who have the trial a year in advance! Once you have picked the dress and have a good idea of what you’d like to go for would be a great starting point.


Tips for a successful trial

Start with what you’re comfortable with. If you never wear makeup, it’s better to start collecting photos of quite natural looks rather than full-on editorial styles. Also think about the weather, your dresses neckline, the general style of the wedding, the venue and your personal likes and dislikes.

Pinterest is a great tool and it’s always a good idea to have photos as one person’s smokey eye is another one’s natural daytime look. Having a good consultation beforehand is key and make sure your makeup artist understands what you’re after.

Be open to ideas & be realistic. Your makeup artist is a professional and they will have no doubt worked with similar hair texture or skin tone so listen to their ideas too. Having said that it is about you so please don’t let anyone – no matter how much experience they have – talk you into something you’re not truly happy about.


How long shall I allow for bridal hair and makeup on the day?

It depends on how you’re having your hair but normally I allow 2h for the bride.

Can you bring an assistant for my bridesmaids or guest?

Yes, absolutely. I only work with people that I trust 100% and would not recommend anyone I haven’t worked with before. I usually work on the bride plus a few extra people – they always go before you! – and depending on the numbers, I can bring an assistant.


Maintenance on the wedding day

Your makeup will stay on until the end of the night, even if you do shed a tear or two during the ceremony or speeches. I always supply my brides with a little touch-up kit as well.


What shall I bring for the wedding day for makeup emergencies?

You don’t need to bring anything at all. Do have your maid of honour or mum stash some tissues in their handbag for tears as well as they can hold on to your touchup kit.


What tips do you have for brides for looking their best on their day?

Start a good skincare regime in plenty of time, preferably 6 months in advance.  If you are prone to breakouts or other skin issues, it would be a good idea to also look at your diet. Cutting out foods known to cause inflammation such as dairy, sugar or gluten is a good idea if your skin is not behaving. And of course, water!

A healthy glow is something most brides want but be aware of any strap marks if you’re sunbathing (and SPF of course!) as these are difficult to cover. And if you do opt for a spray tan, please go to someone you have used before as tanning mishaps can ruin your day.

With hair, show your stylist photos of what you’re planning for your big day. Often a few highlights or balayage really help bring the style to life. Also, they can cut layers if the styles would benefit from them.

What are your personal beauty tips what you cannot live without?

I wish I could answer this in a super exciting way but my biggest beauty tip – even bigger than drinking water – is sleep. I try to get as much as I can and when I don’t, it shows immediately.

Always take your makeup off and preferably double cleanse. I never use makeup wipes as I don’t feel they do a good enough job and they can be harsh.

When you moisturise don’t forget your neck and décolletage. And whatever is left on our hands use to moisturise your elbows – no one ever does, and they can show your age later on.

Always use an eye cream. I started when I was 21 and have never been without. The skin around the eyes is super delicate so use your ring finger to pat it in. You can use your eye cream on the brow bone as well.

And finally, primers, both for the face and eyes, make a world of difference for the longevity of your makeup. You’ll be surprised especially with eye makeup how a primer changes the game.

Find out more about Sanni and her services: www.sannisorma.com

You can find Sanni on Instagram: @sannimakeupartist and her favourite dress: @sondeflor

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