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Photographers nowadays offer digital images in their packages, as this is what today’s clients want.  Yes, we live in the digits age, and it is great to email the images to family and friends and post them on social media sites.  It is also great to have the flexibility to be able to print or use them at any time in the future.  The problem is that the majority of these images never get printed, as most people just don’t know where to start.  They stay buried in the computer or a laptop; they stay as digital data, lines of ‘1’-s and ‘0’-s.

Please don’t stop here, whatever your budget, print and display your favourite images in your home.  Pictures come to life when they are printed, they become real and tangible.  I recently read an article which highlighted how family photographs boost the kids’ self-esteem.  This research really echoed my own experience.  We have an annual family photo session.  Yes, photographers do it too!  Although I take many pictures of my children throughout the year, it is a really important ritual for me to have images of us as a whole family, with no one missing.  We tend to do it during the summer, I have my hair and makeup done –not an everyday occurrence in the life of a mum of 3- I bribe my daughter to comb her hair and my boys to wear my choice of cloths instead of superhero ones.  We, as a family really value and treasure these images.  We have some of these images displayed in most of our rooms, and they create a very positive energy around the house.  I also make a photo album each year out of our favourite images, and my kids often look at them after their bed time stores finished.

In the years I have worked with many different supplies, and now I am happy and confident that the ones I am using stand for an exceptional high quality.  I have to admit, this took me some time as I am a bit of a perfectionist and hence a difficult customer. The supplies I work with can create beautiful, quality, lasting products out of the images, which I am happy and proud to put my name on.  To make things easier, my client gallery is now linked to my favourite professional printing lab, and my clients are able to order prints and products from this page.

Clients can access their gallery of images through my website.  All client gallery is password protected to keep the images safe.  Once my clients entered their gallery, they can download the images and also order professional prints, canvas, metal and mounted prints from the same site.

pixieset client gallery of Eva Tarnok Photographypixieset client gallery of Eva Tarnok Photography

There are also countless other consumer and professional printing services in the UK, and I have tested many of these; so feel free to ask me for help or advice, or go your own route, but please don’t leave the images withering away on a computer.

canvas print art wall in a bedroom

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