Why should I invest in a bridal hair and makeup specialist?

Throughout the years I had the pleasure of working with many talented hair and makeup artists from The Bridal Stylist team, and I was impressed by their professionalism, friendliness, and attention to detail. In this wedding planning advice post, Laura, one of the founders and creative directors of The Bridal Stylist shares her thoughts about why you should invest in a bridal hair and makeup specialist for your wedding day.

Why should I invest in a bridal hair and makeup specialist for my wedding day?

The long and short of it is that our work is featured on every single photograph of you on your big day. All of them! If you have spent money on a gorgeous gown and fabulous  award-winning bridal photographer, then you must finish the overall look with a specialist hair and makeup artist.


What about the local salon, they do makeup and updo’s?

We are not just standard makeup artists and hair dressers. Bridal hair and makeup is one of the most specialist and difficult skills to master. I would go as far as saying more so than even commercial and film work (with some exceptions of course). Think about it, your stylist is creating something that fits your vision and that you LOVE, on one of the most important days of your lives and we have generally never met you before (eeeck the pressure!). This isn’t an actress on a film set getting turned into a character, or Marg from down the road having her hair done for a night out. This is YOU on YOUR wedding day marrying the love of your life! Having the ability to read a client’s wants and decipher their inspiration then follow it through with amazing results, on one of the biggest events of their life, is a whole skill in itself.

But why is a bridal specialist different to any other hair dressers or makeup artist?

We work with brides allll the time! It truly is our speciality. Bridal makeup is built up slowly and in thin layers using tried and tested luxury and professional products which together, create a flawless, long lasting finish. Products need to be adjusted according to the clients skin tone, complexion, skin type and overall design finish. It needs to come across well on camera but also look amazing when you look in the mirror. Then for hair, this is prepped in a specific way using specialist products and techniques to increase the hold needed for a long wedding day ahead. Using secret (and not so secret) added helpers in the form of padding/extensions/a shed load of pins and a mixture of heat appliances that fit with your hair type/style perfectly. Your stylist is confident that once you leave that room, everything will stay in place until the very last song. Lighting is also a huge factor! A bride moves through the daytime into the evening, indoor lighting to outdoor. What about the weather? Its sunny one minute and cloudy the next. The hair and makeup need to translate well in all of these situations and come across beautifully on the photo and videos you have so heavily invested in. A lesser experienced stylist, or one who predominately works in other fields, may not to have the skill and knowledge to make sure the makeup and hair is compatible with these scenario’s, so why take the risk?


We are generally the first supplier you see on your wedding day and one of our jobs is to start your day off right! So delegate this task to a professional and enjoy your morning with your gals, as you should do, leaving this part of the day up to someone else who knows exactly what they are doing.


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